Call for papers

The 2017 week of Research, Development and Innovation is an great opportunity to communicate the results of research works focusing on the major topics detailed in the academic information of the event. We are assembling a program of exceptional quality and you can help us to reach this goal.

Before submitting your work

There will be two different ways to communicate your work at the event: Oral sessions and poster presentations. Authors can choose the type of communication targeted when the Title and the Abstract of the work is submitted.

However, the scientific committee of the event will determine whether the work is accepted or not in each category. Eventually, it could recommend a change in the modality of communication.

Each person is allowed to submit a maximum of two abstracts on the congress’ topics as presenting author. There is no limit to the number of abstracts submitted as co-author

Peer review process

The scientific committee, supported by a pannel of selected scholars from all around the world, will uphold the quality and validity of the individual works submited to this event. There will be four stages in this process:

  1. Abstract submission.
  2. Abstract acceptance and modality.
  3. Extended paper submission.
  4. Final communication of acceptance .
Visit the "Important dates" section to know the deadlines.

Title and abstract submission

Use the attached template to submit your research work abstract. It must include the title, the list of contributing authors, their affiliations, the abstract and keywords.

The abstract should give readers concise information about the content of the article and indicate the main results obtained and conclusions drawn. The abstract is not part of the text and should be complete in itself; no table numbers, figure numbers, references or displayed mathematical expressions should be included. It should be suitable for direct inclusion in abstracting services and should not normally exceed 200 words in a single paragraph. However, in order to facilitate the peer review process, the first submission can use up to 500 words in the abstract section. Since contemporary information-retrieval systems rely heavily on the content of titles and abstracts to identify relevant articles in literature searches, great care should be taken in constructing both.

The title and the abstract must be submitted electronically to the email address:, indicating the topic and the category of participation. Research-incubator works will be presented in a poster session.

Abstract Template

Extended paper

Extended paper must comply the IOP* Conference Series requirements in order to fulfil the peer reviewed process and to finally invite the best works to publish in a special edition of the Open Access IOP Conference series : Materials Science and engineering. Please go the link to review the essential guidelines when preparing your paper and the templates to submitting your final work to the scientific committee.

The extended paper must be submitted electronically to the email address: *

Templates and guidelines


Research-incubators works will be presented under this category. Nonetheless, researchers can choose to submit their works indicating that will be presented as poster.

Poster guidelines